May 16, 2024


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XII Book and Reading Week

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XII Book and Reading Week

Beyond the academic reading that we all do, reading for fun, for pleasure (and to learn) is a habit that many of us also practice regularly.

Regardless of the genre (novel, essay, poetry…) and the language in which we read, and also regardless of the format (physical or digital), reading allows us to explore new areas, travel to places and scenarios that we can even reach. feel as our own -although we have never set foot in them-, meet characters that accompany us for a stretch of the road (“the novel is like a mirror that walks along the road” is a phrase attributed to Stendhal, although A. Mª Moix recalled a few years ago that its author was Saint Réal) and even, through the actions and feelings of these characters, discover ways of acting that perhaps one day we can apply to our experiences.

So even in these times (“fast as a bird without a brake”, as J. Sabina would say), it is important to maintain – or start, it is never too late – this reading habit that helps us open windows to the world without leaving our world. . And if you do not have any text in your hands now, or on your screen, and you want some recommendations to start, we suggest you take a look at the activities that the XII Week of the Book and Reading of the CRAI Library “Dulce Chacón”has prepared for these days (from April 20 to 26; as you know, April 23 is International Book Day). In them you will find multiple reading options – some of which you can access directly from the activity, as in the case of the graphic novel exhibition – with which to spend a pleasant time. And if you dare, you can also participate in the contests that we have prepared for this week.

To finish, and moving forward a little to another date (April 29, International Dance Day), we leave you with a phrase attributed, on this occasion, to Voltaire: “Let’s read and dance. These two diversions will never harm the world.”

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