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To have a happy birth: seven things you should avoid during labor

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To have a happy birth: seven things you should avoid during labor

After waiting for him for so long, you begin to notice signs that the first stage of labor is starting to get under way . The day has come ; You are finally going to meet your baby and you want everything to go smoothly.

You are a key part of the process and there are some things that you can do, or rather that you can avoid during labor to make the process flow in the best possible way .

  • The father’s diet during pregnancy also influences the baby

Avoid getting nervous

At the first signs that the time has come , such as the expulsion of the mucous plug or rupture of the bag , keep calm , even if you are in a public place . Nerves are not good companions right now, so relax and start organizing yourself for what’s to come.

Try to have the hospital bag ( yours and your baby’s ) already prepared so that you are not caught at the last minute and you run the risk of leaving nothing behind. Call whoever is necessary to let them know that the time is approaching and assess your symptoms to calculate when to go to the hospital (see next point).

If you have older children, it is time for you to notify those who will be in charge of their care while you are in the hospital.

Do not rush to go to the hospital

There are symptoms such as a spotting or an engagement of the baby’s head that do not imply that the delivery is going to be imminent, it may even take days to occur.

Even from the start of “real” labor contractions (more painful, rhythmic, and regular) it can take several hours for delivery to occur, and it’s preferable that you spend as much time as possible dilating at home than in the hospital . You can take a bath to ease the pain of contractions (if your waters haven’t broken) or a shower.

When you have rhythmic, progressive and intense contractions that reach a rate of two or three contractions every ten minutes , it’s time to go to the hospital.

If a bag rupture occurs, it does not mean that you have to run to the emergency room if you have a full-term pregnancy. The usual thing, if they have not started yet, will be that in the next few hours the labor contractions begin. Check if the liquid is clear, use a large compress or towel to soak up the liquid and take it easy about going to the hospital. If the liquid is green, yellowish or has blood, you should go to the hospital immediately in case the baby has any problems.

Avoid standing still

One of the worst things to relax is lying still in bed. Instead, being able to move freely, walk, roam around the house or delivery room, or use a fitness ball to rock your pelvis will help you better cope with the painful sensation.

If you feel like it, even dancing is a good natural method to facilitate childbirth. The mother’s movements help the baby to position itself and, with her own weight, help soften the cervix to cause birth. In addition, you have a good time, it distracts you and helps you relax.

Avoid toxic people

At a time like this, surround yourself only with the most intimate people with whom you feel comfortable. And the fewer, the better. Ideally with your partner, or else with your mother, with your sister or your best friend…

You do not need negative people, much less people who make unfortunate comments, or who annoy you. Surround yourself with people with a good predisposition to give you support, trust and good company .

Avoid interfering with the process

Much of the success of childbirth centers on the confidence that the mother has during the process. Under normal conditions, labor progresses without the need for any intervention. There really isn’t much you need to do. Simply pay attention to the signals that your body sends you, relax, breathe and accompany the process .

Avoid looking at the clock

Except for keeping track of the time between contractions and how long they last, forget about the clock. If they are aware of the hours that you have been dilating, you will only get anxious . Just focus on your process, if you want to rest, rest; if you want to eat, eat, and just think that there is less to meet your baby.

If you don’t feel comfortable, don’t keep it to yourself

The day of delivery is one of the most important of your life, and that of your baby. It is important that your wishes are heard and that you feel comfortable and cared for by doctors, nurses and other staff. Don’t let them intimidate you or make decisions for you. If you have delivered your birth plan , and you have previously talked about how your birth will be, it should be respected. Also, if any inconvenience arises, ask to be informed.

We hope that these seven tips will be useful to you to have a good birth. You can contribute to the process flowing in the best possible way and that the birth of your child is a happy event.

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