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Swedish Visa Application Center in Moscow: services. Addresses of visa

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Swedish Visa Application Center in Moscow: services. Addresses of visa

To enter Sweden as the main country of destination, you need to contact the visa centers of this country, which are located in the capital, St. Petersburg or some other major cities of the Russian Federation. You will find out their addresses, as well as information about the services provided and the necessary documents from the article below.


To visit Sweden, you must obtain a permit to enter the Schengen area. It is issued in the form of visas. If the main country of residence is Sweden, the visa should be obtained at the embassy of this country. At the same time, nothing prevents tourists from visiting EU countries other than Ireland and the UK. At the same time, violating the “main country” and “first entry” rules is not recommended. This means that in this case, if a tourist visits several countries, then the first to be issued a visa is Sweden. At the same time, countries on the road, whose time is from two to five days, can be passed. Know more about Budva.

Types of visas

Schengen visas are of the following types:

Tourist . The Swedish Visa Application Center issues a “C” type visa for tourists, for citizens visiting relatives living in this country, as well as for participants in cultural and sporting events. It gives the right to stay in the Schengen area for 90 days. You can only get such a visa with a maximum stay once every six months. To do this, you will need to provide proof of income and documents confirming the hotel reservation and the availability of your own funds (at least 40 euros for each day of stay in the Schengen area). If there is a need for more frequent travel, you can apply for a multiple-entry visa at the Swedish Visa Application Center for one year, and in the future, if there is no violation, for the same permit, but for a period of five years.

  • Guestbook . Such a visa (type D) is intended for those visiting close relatives. To receive it, you must present an invitation from a resident of Sweden who is visiting. At the same time, the inviting party is obliged to provide food and accommodation. In this sense, documents confirming the hotel reservation and the availability of a bank account are not required. However, a visitor visa does not allow you to travel outside the country.
  • Urgent . If you need an emergency visa, you can apply only by contacting the visa center of the Swedish Embassy in Moscow. Processing deadline is one working day. However, you will need to enclose tickets with your departure date.
  • Working . You can also get a permit to enter this country for employment through the Swedish Visa Application Center in Moscow or in one of the other similar institutions located in the territory of the Russian Federation. Such a work visa for Sweden is issued only when there is a call from a Swedish company or a contract. If the last document is issued for a period of up to three months, then a work permit is required. For cases where a stay longer than 12 weeks is expected, a residence permit will be required.
  • Transit visa . This permit is issued for 24 hours. This time is quite enough to drive through the country. To get it, you must have permission to enter the country in which you are traveling. You can also request a stay in Sweden for up to five days. In the latter case, you will need documents confirming the availability of the hotel reservation for the entire period of stay within Sweden.

New visa procedure for Sweden

As of September 14, 2015, the rules for obtaining permits to enter any of the Schengen countries have changed somewhat. Now, those wishing to travel to any of the EU countries for the first time after that date must come in person to the Swedish consulate or visa center for delivery, and no fingerprints will be taken from children under 12 years of age. old.

Upon entering the Kingdom of Sweden, border guards are authorized to ask the visa holder to go through the fingerprinting procedure again in order to compare the results with the data stored in the centralized visa information system.

Swedish Visa Application Center in Moscow

The address of this institution: Suschevsky Val, 31. The center is located directly on the first floor of the building, but the entrance is located on the side of the courtyard. Receipt of documents ends at noon (12:00), so sometimes it is not possible to wait to turn right on the first day. Generally, the center is only open on weekdays, from 09:00 to 16:00. Judging by the reviews, getting a visa there is quite simple, accepting and receiving documents is carried out quite quickly.

Sweden Visa Application Center in St.

The facility is located on Chkalovsky Prospekt, on the second floor of building number 7. The easiest way to reach it is by subway. You should get off at Chkalovskaya station, from where you can walk to the center in 5-7 minutes. Opening hours: 09:00 to 16:00. In the area of ​​the Swedish Visa Application Center, there is a point where photocopying services are provided, and a booth where you can urgently take pictures for documents.

Cost of service

If you apply to a Swedish visa center, you will have to pay 9,500 rubles to obtain an entry permit. In case a visa is urgently needed (within 3-4 days), the price will be 12,500 rubles. The price includes payment for the following services:

  • preparation of visa documents in accordance with the requirements of the Swedish Consular Section;
  • filling in the questionnaire;
  • an appointment at the Consulate of the Kingdom of Sweden and the submission of a package of documents without the need for the applicant’s personal presence;
  • confirmation of air ticket and / or hotel reservation (optional documents);
  • representing the client’s interests at the Consulate of the Kingdom of Sweden;
  • obtaining a passport with a certified visa in the absence of the applicant;
  • in addition, you will no longer have to pay for service, visa and;
  • Please note that for each day of stay in the European Union, you will have to pay for health insurance at a surcharge of EUR 1.

Now you know what Sweden, whose visa center in Moscow is located at Sushchevsky Val, 31 – an amazing country. It is definitely worth a visit, especially since it is very easy to do.

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