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Renault Megane E-Tech 2022, nothing to do with previous versions

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Renault Megane E-Tech 2022, nothing to do with previous versions

The new Renault Megane E-Tech that revolutionizes the market: smaller, but more spacious and better used, with up to 26 driving aids, an electric motor and recycled materials. The future made car.

Great novelty this fall with the final launch in 2022 of the Renault Megane E-Tech, which introduces the 5th generation of this compact model, with a ” Crossover ” style and fully electric. Know more about Mercedes benz slk class ne shitje.

Its design has nothing to do with the current Megane, it shows a “high-tech” aspect from its grille to the door protections and the laser animations it incorporates.

Its front, completely remodeled with its low waist and reduced glass surface, contrasts with its sloping roof and its lower protectors

There are many details of change , the most striking being:

  • 6 body colors (Zinc Grey, Slate Grey, Night Blue, Desire Red, Brilliant Black and Glacier White), with a possible  contrasting two- tone combination  with the roof, the uprights and also with the mirrors (more than 30 possible combinations depending on the levels Finishing).
  • Variable lighting diode headlights (with specific animations).
  • Newly designed rims with the new diamond logo.
  • Flush handles.
  • Very large wheels (minimum 18” and 20” on the EV60 220).
  • Three levels of equipment: “Equilibre”, “Techno” and “Iconic” , with the higher ones having distinctive elements in gold “WarmTitanium”.

Smaller than its predecessor, but bigger inside

It has been built on the well-known platform of the CMF-EV group , placing the batteries in a very low position to lower the center of gravity by 9 cm , ensuring stability and dynamic agility thanks to its independent suspension on its two axes and its steering. very direct.

Its length has been reduced by 15 cm , although its wheelbase has grown by 3 cm , with a weight that grows by about 200 kg (due to the batteries) up to 1,624 kg empty, clearly distancing itself from all previous generations of the model.

renault megane etech 2022 length m Width m Height m battle m trunk liters
  4.21 1.78 1.50 2.70 440 + 22

The striking thing is that, despite these reductions in size, the interior capacity of the new Megane exceeds that of the current model , thanks to its ultra-thin batteries (11 cm thick) along the floor have improved the use of space and given greater amplitude to the rear seats for the legs.

The trunk has grown by 56 liters to 440 and has a lower 22-liter hole for the recharging cable and connector.

A larger and more technical cabin

The dashboard of the new Renault Megane E-Tech 2022 is dominated by two almost identical adjoining screens (OpenR unified screen), with the 12.3″ panel screen and the 12″ central multimedia screen (larger or smaller depending on the levels). of equipment). It has a new processor that integrates the functions of Google maps, assistant and Play , in addition to its full compatibility with Android Auto and Apple Car Play.

A lot of space has been freed up by placing the gear selector on the steering wheel allowing plenty of storage space in the center console and various practical additions to the front passenger compartment.

Great emphasis has also been placed on the sustainability and recyclability of the materials used, reaching a recycling capacity of up to 95% of the weight of the Megane E-Tech 2022.

An “Arkamys” hi-fi system has been mounted as standard , which is optionally upgraded by a “ Harman Kardon ” with 9 channels and 9 speakers.

Also noteworthy is the work carried out on the interior lighting, which can be customized from a range of 48 different tones , as well as the insulation that has been strongly reinforced compared to the traditional system.

For its part, the “Multi-Sense” settings together with the “OpenR Link” multimedia system accept the adjustment of the engine and steering response settings, as well as the on-board air conditioning and comfort, which are regulated by means of the remote control. the steering wheel or by voice control.

Fully electric drive

The electric motor and transmission assembly is housed on the front axle to provide traction to it and is offered in two power levels :

  • EV40 130 , 131 hp (96 kW), 40 kW/h battery capacity, 300 km autonomy
  • EV60 220 , 218 CV (160 kW), 60 kW/h battery capacity, 470 km of autonomy (very remarkable), self-limited maximum speed of 160 km/h and capable of going from a standstill to 100 km/h in 7.4 seconds (improving the performance of the current Megane very clearly).

To speed up the battery recharging process, an automatic temperature adjustment has been installed before recharging , also allowing various types of charging (Standard Charge, Boost Charge, Super Charge and Optimum Charge) depending on their capacity. They are compatible with all alternating current (AC) infrastructures, from 10A/2.3 kW single-phase domestic outlets to 32A/22 kW three-phase public outlets, recovering up to 160 km of autonomy in 1 hour .

The dynamic recharge can also be adjusted with the paddles on the steering wheel , from the minimum level 0 to 4 with maximum retention when you lift your foot off the accelerator.

Driving aids

There are 26 driving aids with which the new Renault Megane E-Tech 2022 has been provided, grouped in the ” Active Driver Assist “, the most striking being:

  • Lane Departure Warning (LDW)
  • Rear view camera located at the top of the rear window.
  • Automatic reverse gear braking  (prior visual and sound warning)
  • Full Auto Park with almost total automation
  • Automatic lane centering function with lane maintenance assistant (LKA)
  • Contextual adaptive cruise control with “Stop & Go”
  • Safe occupant exit , which alerts the occupants when opening the door to exit, if another vehicle is approaching with the risk of collision or being run over.
  • 360º perimeter vision

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