May 16, 2024


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Music As Therapy Know More

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Music As Therapy Know More

Did you know that singing heals? 

When you listen to a song you like, the left hemisphere improves memory, rhythm, and body coordination, and the right hemisphere develops imagination, creativity, and harmony. You can search for a lot of research done on the influence of music on the human body in all its facets, both listening to it and performing it.

When I was little, I was a lonely child, I spent most of my time at home reading and listening to music, and it wasn’t until I started going to university that everything started to change. Being alone develops creativity a lot, and to free my demons, instead of going to the psychologist I started composing with my guitar, and that gave me life. Believe it or not, I spent seven years studying Veterinary medicine , until one day, doing volunteer work in a hospital, I realized that what I wanted was to be at the foot of the bed of the sick, take care of them, and I decided to be a nurse . And now, many years later, I try to reconcile both passions, during the week taking care of things, on weekends singing.

These days at home, they are teaching me many things, I’m sure like everyone else, but I have also found a way to help people from here, from my music, giving concerts through Instagram  and posting every day a song to be able to encourage and give strength to all those who fight in one way or another, sick or caregivers, against this virus that has paralyzed the world. Some make masks, others 3D respirators, I sing, share and meanwhile, I try to be close, together with my team from the European University Medical Service , every day, to all our student or employee patients who are suffering from COVID. I’ll wait for you on my Instagram profile, this Wednesday and Friday, at 8:30 p.m., to share this passion with you and relax for a while.

Much strength and much encouragement to all!

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