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How to clean an Italian coffee machine well and thoroughly

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How to clean an Italian coffee machine well and thoroughly

When was the last time you thoroughly cleaned your coffee maker? If you don’t remember, you better read this tutorial that we have prepared for you. Especially if you want to savor a good coffee in the morning, and avoid that burnt aftertaste . Today you are going to learn how to clean an Italian coffee maker.

Because although most of us dedicate ourselves to pouring water over it, or even washing them with soap and a scourer (something that you will discover that you should not do under any circumstances), the state of our coffee maker is going to be key in the flavor that our coffee has. coffee. So if you are one of those people who drinks coffee every morning and every afternoon, you have to learn how to clean an Italian coffee maker on a daily basis. Know more about fidget toys pop it.

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How often should an Italian coffee maker be cleaned?

First of all, do I have to clean the Italian coffee maker every day? Or only after each use? The correct answer is the second, you should clean the coffee maker right after using it , removing the coffee grounds once you have finished serving the cups.

What if the coffee maker is very dirty? With the daily use of Italian coffee machines, especially if the water you use is very hard, you will see that small stains may appear on the inside of your coffee machine. To keep it as clean as possible, you should do a deep cleaning at least twice a year to descale the coffee maker.

What are we going to need to clean our Italian coffee maker?

  • Water
  • Paper towels or white cotton kitchen cloth
  • Distilled white vinegar (only for deep cleaning)

How to clean an Italian coffee pot after using it

Pay attention to each step, because although they seem simple (which they are), the key to keeping an Italian coffee machine clean is to internalize them and incorporate them into your daily routine. Did you just make yourself a coffee? Do not forget to clean the coffee maker after serving it and do not leave it for later. You might be interested in a travel mattress.

Disassemble the Italian coffee maker and remove the grounds

The first step in cleaning an Italian coffee maker is to wait until it has cooled down before disassembling it. Do not put it on the cold water tap, wait until it gradually loses heat. Once it is cold, disassemble the two parts and remove the coffee grounds . Important! Never pour coffee grounds down the sink drain as it could clog, use as acidic plant fertilizer.

If you leave the grounds inside the coffee maker for hours, you will get the coffee oils to accumulate along with the humidity, favoring the appearance of embedded mold inside the coffee maker.

Rinse each part of the coffee maker with hot water

Once you have removed the remains of the coffee, the next step to clean an Italian coffee maker is to rinse each piece with only hot water . It is especially important that you rinse and remove all debris from the filter and the area around the safety valve.

Do not put any of the parts of the coffee maker in a dishwasher, or rub the inside with a soapy sponge . Detergents and soaps can be too abrasive for the aluminum material and rubbing it will produce small scratches that can cause coffee grounds to become embedded.

Dry your coffee pot thoroughly

The last step in cleaning an Italian coffee maker is to dry it thoroughly using kitchen paper or a cotton cloth . You should not leave your coffee maker drying out with the rest of the dishes, you should dry it immediately and keep it completely clean and dry.

How to thoroughly clean an Italian coffee maker

If you haven’t cleaned your coffee maker in a long time and you see that there are a series of strange stains inside, follow these steps. And it is that the water contains minerals that accumulate inside the coffee maker, causing it not only to deteriorate but also to affect the taste of the coffee .

So, if this is your case, we are going to teach you how to thoroughly clean an Italian coffee maker, it will not take you long and you will only have to let it sit for a few hours for the vinegar to take effect.

Fill the Italian coffee maker with water

The first step to thoroughly clean an Italian coffee maker is to fill it with water until it slightly covers the safety valve (without going over). Once it is ready, place the filter and you will see how the water is slightly above it.

Add two tablespoons of distilled white vinegar

The second step is to add two tablespoons of distilled white vinegar (cleaning vinegar) to the water. If you don’t have distilled cleaning vinegar , you can substitute apple cider vinegar or the juice of a strained lemon.

Assemble the Italian coffee maker and let it stand for 4 hours

The next step in cleaning your Italian coffee machine thoroughly is to assemble it and let it sit for two to four hours (even overnight if you like). With this we will achieve that the mild acid of the vinegar eliminates the accumulation of minerals and any rest of coffee and oil that is adhered to the interior of the pot without damaging the metal.

Put the Italian coffee pot on the fire

Once the time has passed, pour some of the liquid from the coffee maker into the sink and put it on the stove . Without opening it, or adding coffee, or anything. Leave this on the heat long enough for the water inside to heat up and rise to the top of the pot, as if you were making regular coffee.

Let it cool down, disassemble, rinse and dry the coffee maker

Once your Italian coffee maker is cool enough to touch, pour all of the liquid into the sink and clean the Italian coffee maker as we taught you earlier. Only with hot water and drying the coffee pot completely before storing it.

How to keep an Italian coffee maker clean

Now that you know how to clean a coffee maker after using it and even how to clean a bottom, we are going to give you some tips to keep the coffee maker in good condition.

  • Never squeeze the coffee grounds when you are making the coffee, leave them loose, otherwise you will leave too many residues inside the coffee maker.
  • Check the safety valve from time to time while cleaning the coffee maker. This will help you to see that there is no accumulation of lime or coffee grounds in it.
  • Never overfill the coffee maker with water so that it covers the safety valve. There should always be some space between the water level and the valve so excess steam pressure can escape.

And so far our tutorial on how to clean an Italian coffee maker in your day to day. We hope we have helped you keep your coffee machine clean and that your morning coffee is much tastier.

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