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How to choose sunglasses that flatter you | LEARN WITH CASH

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How to choose sunglasses that flatter you

The good weather is here and it’s time to go looking for the star accessory: sunglasses. If you want to dazzle with your choice, you have to keep reading what we are going to tell you. Not all sunglasses favor us, that is nothing new and we are not discovering the Coca Cola formula, so far we agree, right? Now it’s time to find out what we should take into account to choose sunglasses that really favor us. Let’s start!

What sunglasses suit you according to the shape of your face

Seeing your friend with ideal sunglasses and asking them to let you try them is something we have all done at some point. But, surprise! When we see ourselves with them they are no longer so ideal, they do not favor us. Your friend has already done their homework and chose the sunglasses that best suit the shape of their face, now it’s your turn to do it and we’re going to make it easy for you. Learn more about kupujemprodajem.

rounded factions

If this is your case, you should bet on sunglasses that lengthen your features. Bet on square shapes and straight lines, and if you want to play it safe, the “cat eye” models are perfect for you.

Sunglasses for square features

In this case, the opposite occurs with rounded faces. When choosing sunglasses for faces with sharper angles, the ideal is to opt for those models with more rounded lenses. The idea is to achieve a contrast that softens the strongest features of the face.

Sunglasses for oval faces

If your face shape is oval, you’re in luck! It will be very easy for you to choose sunglasses because most of them will suit you well. It doesn’t matter if you’ve fallen in love with John Lennon-style sunglasses or aviator-type sunglasses, you have many chances that they are 100% in harmony with your features.

What if the shape of your face is triangular?

If your face shape is wider at the bottom, then you should opt for glasses that enhance your cheekbones. In this case, it is advisable to choose large and colorful sunglasses (without going overboard that it is not about hiding behind them).

Which sunglasses match your skin tone

Not only the features of our face are a decisive factor when it comes to finding sunglasses that favor us. As with clothing, the choice of sunglasses must be in harmony with the color of our skin. Now, the important thing is that you feel good when you wear the sunglasses you have chosen and this is also a matter of taste.

If you have light skin and hair, sunglasses in softer colors or metallics with a silver finish are a safe bet that will suit you. If, on the other hand, your feet are darker, bet on gold finishes and darker or brighter colors.

How to know the size of the frame you need when buying sunglasses online

Now that you know how to choose sunglasses that suit you, all you have to do is find them and you will surely find them online. Now, although the internet is going to offer you hundreds, or thousands, of options that suit you, you have to take into account some details beforehand. If you do not want to make a mistake with the size of the sunglasses when buying them, we recommend you follow these tips:

 How to know the measurements of sunglasses (H3)

Before choosing the size of the sunglasses you want to buy, it is important that you know what measurements you must take into account:

  • Lens width: refers to the millimeters that the glass measures from one end to the other and measured horizontally.
  • Width of the bridge: it is the part where the glasses rest on our nose.
  • Rod length: this is the sideburn length and should be measured from our face to the back of our ear.

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