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How does the car rain sensor work?

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New vehicles usually incorporate as standard a system capable of detecting if it is raining and how hard it is raining to activate the windshield wipers. Here we tell you how the car rain sensor works.

It is increasingly common for vehicles to incorporate sophisticated systems that provide us with a certain comfort when driving, as well as greater road safety. In this case, we are going to focus on how the car’s rain sensor works, an element that facilitates the driver’s vision in the event of rain, snow or any other liquid that may fall on the car’s front window. Know more about GMC ne shitje.

What is the rain sensor?

The rain sensor is a system capable of detecting when it is raining and activating the car’s windshield wipers. In addition, it is capable of measuring the intensity of this and automatically increasing or decreasing the speed depending on the precipitation. Its sensors detect raindrops that fall on the front window and act in fractions of a second to facilitate the driver’s vision. It is effective with all liquids that fall into the driver’s field of vision to increase your safety on the road and make you not have to worry about activating the windscreen wipers manually.

How does it work

This system, installed inside the car window, near the base of the central mirror, is based on the reflection and refraction of light . It is made up of two diodes, the first is capable of producing a beam of light on the moon, while the other measures the brightness of that beam of light to calculate how much light is coming. If the second diode does not receive all the luminosity of the first, it will be because there is some element that is blocking it. The lower the intensity, the greater the amount of water on the dashboard. This allows the brushes to be activated and their intensity to be adjusted .

To enjoy this, the wiper switches must be in the AUTO position . The best thing about this system is that it does not lose effectiveness even though the moon is dirty . In this way, the safety of the driver is guaranteed at all times, the windscreen wipers will be activated immediately and we will not have to waste a second connecting it ourselves, we will only worry about what is important, paying attention to the road.

This device can have a light sensor function , depending on whether it is day, night, dawn, we go through a tunnel… the lights will turn on automatically or not.

How to activate and deactivate the rain detector

This sensor can be activated and deactivated manually since some have a very high sensitivity that causes the wiper to activate when it receives, for example, the impact of an insect. You can easily deactivate it with the windshield wiper lever by placing it in the stop position.

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