June 20, 2024


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General exercise routine at home. Medium level

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General exercise routine at home. Medium level

Routine exercises at home composed of simple exercises that require little material.

We remember that in these weeks that we are going to be at home, carry out certain activities that help us clear our minds, give us balance and provide us with that much-needed physical work, they will help us break the monotony in a practical way and keep fit at home.

So many hours a day sitting suppose a demand for movement that the body needs to stay active and maintain our muscle tone. Sessions like this one, or others posted on this blog or UE channels, make it easier for us and give us different alternatives to satisfy those needs of our body.

In this video we propose a circuit to perform inside our home, made up of simple exercises that require little material. In the recording you will have overwritten the exercises to be performed, as well as the number of repetitions.

Recommended for people with a medium level, whose goal is to keep fit, at medium/high intensity.

  • When: Ideal to do in the morning, to activate us and start the day strong and break the monotony a bit.
  • Where and how: The routine requires an open space, sportswear and some elastic bands to use in some exercises.
  • Technical details: Circuit by stations.
  • 10 stations, 4 complete laps, 30” per station, 10” rest between stations.  

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