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Dubai Internet City Metro Station

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Dubai Internet City Metro Station

Dubai Internet City (DIC) is a free economic technology park in Dubai, United Arab Emirates. It has its own metro station on the Red Line of the Dubai Metro. The metro station provides convenient access to DIC for the area’s workers, residents and visitors. Check the Dubai metro map for your convenience.

Overview of Dubai Internet City

Dubai Internet City was established in 1999 by the government to develop Dubai’s information and communications technology (ICT) infrastructure. It spans about 500 acres along the southern border of Dubai Marina.

DIC contains commercial towers, residential buildings, hotels, shops, restaurants and recreational facilities. It is home to the regional offices of many major IT firms like Microsoft, IBM, Dell, Canon, Siemens, Oracle and others. It also houses IT-focused universities like Heriot-Watt Dubai and Middlesex University Dubai Campus.

The technology park has created over 6,000 jobs and aims to be a global connectivity hub and accelerator for technology growth.

Dubai Internet City Metro Station Details

The Dubai Internet City metro station is located next to the DIC Park residential towers. It lies on the Red Line between Nakheel Harbour and Damac Properties stations.

Some key features and information about DIC metro station:

  • Provides direct metro access to Dubai Internet City offices and residences
  • Opened along with the initial stretch of the Dubai Metro Red Line in 2010
  • Architectural design represents waves of binary code digits
  • Part of Dubai Metro’s free park-and-ride facilities
  • Served by both 6-car and 3-car trains
  • Platform level is at elevated height above ground
  • Features ticket vending machines, information kiosks and station guards

Riding the Metro to Dubai Internet City

Riding the Dubai Metro provides a convenient way for tech workers or local residents to commute to Dubai Internet City. Here is an overview of logistics:

Finding the Station

  • Located next to DIC Park towers along Al Salam Street
  • Can access using metro bridges from Marina Plaza or Palm Tower complexes
  • Well-labeled entrance with Dubai Internet City station name

Catching a Train

  • Trains in both directions arrive every 6-8 minutes during peak times
  • Red line trains run Saturday to Thursday roughly 6am to midnight
  • Use NOL travel cards tapped on gate readers or paper tickets

Alighting at Destination

When arriving, prepare to disembark at Dubai Internet City station. Listen for station name announcements in both English and Arabic. Exit via the designated gateways onto Al Haffar Street adjacent to metro route.

Benefits of Arriving by Metro

Using the Dubai Metro line to reach Dubai Internet City provides many benefits:

  • Avoids Traffic Jams – Skipping drive avoids Marina traffic congestion
  • Reduces Commute Times – Metro journeys are swift, taking under 15 minutes from key central hubs
  • Cost-Effective – NOL cards provide lowest fare rates as low as 1.5 dhr per trip
  • No Parking Hassles – Nearby metro parking is ample and inexpensive
  • Environmentally Friendly – Mass transit helps reduce emissions and pollution

Key Destinations Accessible from Station

The Dubai Internet City station puts the whole neighborhood within easy walking distance. Some top spots reachable include:

Dubai Internet City Office Towers

  • Microsoft HQ, Oracle and Dell regional centers – 5 mins away
  • Clover Bay Tower, Knowledge Village – Under 10 mins

Residential Buildings

  • DIC Plaza, Park Towers luxury flats – Right next door
  • Ibn Battuta Gate apartments – 12 minute stroll

Shopping and Dining

  • Ripe Market stall souks – 3 minutes walk
  • Channel Center Cafes – 5 minutes away
  • Marco Polo Hotel restaurants- Under 15 minutes on foot

So whether one works amid the technology sector towers, resides nearby or is visiting the area, the Dubai Metro line offers quick and convenient transit access direct to Dubai Internet City.

Frequently Asked Questions

What metro line serves Dubai Internet City?

Dubai Internet City is served by the Dubai Metro Red Line.

Does every train stop at the DIC metro station?

Yes, all trains on the red line in both directions stop at Dubai Internet City station.

Can I pay my metro fare with a credit card?

You cannot directly use credit cards. But you can use a NOL card linked to your credit card to pay your Dh1.5-3 fare.

Are there parking spaces near the metro station?

Yes, there is a multi-story car park next to the station with 2000 spaces charging Dh4 per hour paid by NOL card.

Can I catch a bus from the metro to other spots in Internet City?

Yes, there are bus stops by the metro station entrance offering shuttles to offices or malls within DIC.


In summary, the Dubai Internet City station provides an easy direct link on the metro allowing workers, residents and visitors swift transit access. It lies centrally within the technology park amid office towers and flats. Riding metro lines avoids traffic and parking headaches. The open-architecture station representing binary code waves reflects the modern high-tech neighborhood it serves. So for traveling conveniently to the beating heart of Dubai’s IT and internet-focused economy, the metro promises the optimal path.

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So in conclusion, the Dubai Internet City metro stop enables efficient transit access allowing simple connections by metro rail transit to facilities throughout the vital economic technology center.