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Dog like Messi Know More About This Is Interesting

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Dog like Messi Know More About This Is Interesting

Dogs are animals that need to play , and most of the time they will want to play with you. For this reason, one of the most purchased items for dogs are balls, both the small ones to throw at them and that they bring in their mouths and the larger ones. Some dogs have so much fun with the ball that they get to do very funny little dribbles and for which it is necessary to have a certain canine talent.

My dog ​​won’t return the ball to me

Some dogs learn to fetch with virtually no replika rolex to teach them. From a young age the toy is thrown at them, they run to look for it and come back with it in their mouths so that we can throw it at them again. In some cases they are absolutely tireless and can be running from one place to another all afternoon. But there are dogs that don’t get it that fast. Learn more about Pomeranac.

It is not uncommon for the dog to be thrown the ball and run after it, something they do instinctively. But when they arrive at the place they look at the ball, they look at its owner, and they run towards it without taking anything at all. You have to be patient in these cases, rewarding the animal when it makes progress and not getting desperate with it. After all, it’s just a game.

My dog ​​chases all the balls

Another frequent problem is that dogs begin to chase all the balls that come within their reach, including those of children playing in the park or those that are thrown at other dogs, something that can end up causing conflicts.

It is important to educate the animal well from puppyhood so that it represses this urge to run and obeys when it is told to stay put, even if it is dying to go play. Otherwise, it could happen that our dog ends up not being very well received in the parks due to his behavior.

balls at home

It is also a good idea to have balls at home , although you should avoid those that are excessively noisy. The best ones are the ones that can bite without breaking them but that are not hard rubber. With them they can play and entertain themselves when they are alone at home.

It is important that the ball cannot be broken easily with their teeth , otherwise they could end up eating the pieces, which would cause them problems. Tennis balls can be fine in rooms with carpet.

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