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50 short and bad jokes to make children laugh, according to their age

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50 short and bad jokes to make children laugh, according to their age

Laughter is very important for the optimal development of children, and through it you can learn in a fun way .

Jokes are an ideal option to spend a happy and entertaining moment with the whole family, as well as helping to:

  • Develop the creativity of the little ones .
  • Foster a friendly and fun family (or school) environment.
  • Improve concentration and increase learning capacity .
  • Help to have a better mood.

“The sense of humor keeps the intelligent activity of our brain alive and alert.”

-Branko Bokun-

For these and many more reasons, jokes are perfect for children. Here we present 50 short and bad jokes that will surely make you laugh out loud .

“Whoever laughs at everything, that’s the one who lives well.”

-Spanish proverb-

50 short and bad jokes to make children laugh, according to their age

Jokes for children between 3 and 7 years old

  1. What does one fish say to another? Any!
  2. What is the height of a book ? That in autumn its leaves fall.
  3. What does an iguana say to its twin sister? we are iguanitas
  4. He was such a lazy horse, so lazy, so lazy, that when they put the saddle on him, he would sit on it.
  5. Why do the seals in the show always look up? Because that’s where the spotlights are.
  6. What is the funniest fruit ? The orange hahaha!
  7. – Jaimito, do me a favor… Go to the kitchen, the lentils are sticking. – But mom, you always tell me not to get into other people’s fights.
  8. What does one cup say to another? – What cup sipping?
  9. What is needed to light a candle? Let it be off.
  10. The M with the A sounds MA, what if you put a tilde? Matilda!
  11. What does one worm say to another? I’m going to go around the block.
  12. What is tomato’s favorite dance? The sauce!
  13. What is yellow on the outside, white on the inside and goes through walls? A ghost banana!
  14. What does one roof say to another? Less roof.
  15. It’s impossible to argue with a DJ, he always changes the subject…
  16. Why does a lady bring glue to the restaurant? In case of breaking the diet
  17. He was such an ugly cook , but so ugly, that he made onions cry.
  18. Why does the music teacher have a ladder? To be able to hit the highest notes!
  19. What does one wall say to another? See you in the corner!
  20. What is at the end of everything? The letter o!
  21. Do you know how a magician stays after eating?… Magordito
  22. What is the fish that smells a lot? fishy!
  23. Pepe, if in this hand I have 8 oranges and in this other 6 oranges. That I have? Huge hands, teacher!
  24. Hello, is Agustín here? No, I’m uncomfortable.
  25. Why do storks shrink one leg to sleep? Because if they shrink both of them would fall.

“The sense of humor makes us discover many things in the world that would not be discovered without it. Laughter is not only a fun thing but a way of knowing reality”.

-Antonio Cayo Moya-

Jokes for children between 8 and 12 years old

  1. Why does a math book cry ? Because he has a lot of problems!
  2. What does a person do with a packet of ketchup in his ear? Listening to sauce
  3. What do you want most in a napkin? be a ticket
  4. What stress! Two plus one.
  5. Teacher, what does ‘why’ mean? Why? for knowing
  6. – Soldier! – Yes, my captain! – I didn’t see you yesterday in the camouflage test – Thank you, my captain!
  7. What does a traffic light say to another? Don’t look at me, I’m changing!
  8. What did a flea say to another flea? Shall we walk or wait for the dog?
  9. What does a spider need a computer for? Well, to enter the network!
  10. Do you know what one jaguar says to another? Jaguar you?
  11. Pedro, what would you do if you were drowning at sea? Cry to vent!
  12. What is the height of the electrician? Let his wife be called Luz!
  13. Do you have books on tiredness ? Yes, but right now there are none, they are all sold out!
  14. Dad, is there jello? Well, as far as I know, there is only the ‘Latin i’ and the ‘Greek y’.
  15. What is the height of a pharmacist? Let his wife be called Remedios!
  16. – I’m a healthy guy. – Oh. Do you eat healthy and all that? – No, people greet me…
  17. Alberto, what planet comes after Mars? Wednesday
  18. A woman asks her son : Why are you afraid to go to the hairdresser? -Because they have a sign that says: “We took 10 years off him” And I’m only 9!
  19. Dad, how do you say dog ​​in English ? Dog. And vet? Well Dog-tor.
  20. How do you get Superman out of the water? Rusty as he is the man of steel.
  21. Once upon a time there was a joke so bad that it beat the other jokes.
  22. Why do cows travel to New York? To see the muuuusicales.
  23. – Who is greater, the Moon or the Sun? – The Moon – Why? – Because they let him out at night.
  24. What is the cleanest mountain? The volcano. Because first throw ashes and then wash

– Let’s see, son, how much is 4 times 4? – Tie – And 2 for 1? – Offer

“The time one spends laughing is the time one spends with the gods.”

-Japanese proverb-

And you, did you know any of these short and bad jokes? Do you tell jokes with your children? They say that laughter cures any illness, so… keep laughing!

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