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13 bath toys without holes for your baby to play safely

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13 bath toys without holes for your baby to play safely

Anyone who’s had bath toys with holes in them for kids to enjoy in the tub knows what happens after a while (despite whatever precautions you might take): they fill up with fungus and bacteria and when you least expect it, inside you can find very unpleasant surprises .

For this reason, and even if we take away “part of the fun”, the best thing we can do is seal these holes with silicone before using them, or directly buy toys without holes . These are the best we can find on the market:

Oli & Carol’s Gum Ducks

Oli&Carol is a young company from Barcelona specialized in the design of natural toys. Sustainability is very present in its philosophy, offering products that follow a traditional process.

The brand offers natural rubber baby toys intended for teething and bathing (among others), and none of them have any holes through which water can enter. His ducklings are famous for their pretty colors and for quickly becoming children’s favourites. Its price is 16.90 euros .

Bath toy floats and plays with bubbles from Munchkin

This set consists of four floating spheres. Each of them has a unique central toy that sounds, shines and spins. They are the size of little hands and help teach hand-eye coordination as babies learn to reach, grasp and shake the spheres . The colored rings move freely around the bubbles, giving lots of textures and movement for your little one to explore. Water does not enter inside the spheres.

Jellyfish puzzle for bathroom

This set includes 10 colored and shaped pieces to make jellyfish, a set that makes bath time more fun and helps children improve their fine motor skills . The shapes float on water and easily stick to the side of the tub or shower to make your own creations.

They are made of soft foam that is free of BPA, phthalates and latex and is recyclable. They do not absorb water, so they do not cause mold.

Playgro Floating Boats

This set includes three multicolored bath boats , which can be used from 6 months and are ideal for bath time fun. Its size is ideal for little hands and they also help develop fine motor skills.

To clean them you only need warm water, a little detergent and rinse with clean water.

Hape Joy Cube Game

This set includes three buckets with different bottoms (with shower holes, with balls and water wheels), so the water doesn’t stay inside . They are made of very resistant plastic and recommended for boys and girls from 12 months.

Munchkin Let’s Go Fishing Bath Toy

This set includes three toys and a fishing rod, ideal for stimulating hand-eye coordination. The reel of the fishing rod emits “clicks” when you turn it and with it you can “fish” the other toys thanks to an included magnet. It is one of the ones we have at home and I recommend it because not a single drop of water enters it and they last a long time.

Playgro Sealed Bath Toys

This set includes three fun bath figures in a small boat to entertain the baby while bathing, Sensory training to see and feel, From 6 months.

The waterproof shape of the figures and the boat (without holes) prevents water or dirt from getting inside the toy , preventing the formation of mold inside. They should be cleaned with warm soapy water and rinsed afterwards.

Badabulle bathroom puzzle

This puzzle is made of compact foam with bright and varied colors to stimulate the child. Contains 9 pieces that float and adhere to the walls of the bathtub or shower and do not retain water, so it is very hygienic.

Set of 3 bath toys for baby’s first bath

This adorable baby gift set includes five hole-free bath and water toys. The duck reveals when the water is at a temperature above 104 degrees Fahrenheit.

Floating Octopus Bath Toy with Nûby Rings

It is a beautiful octopus with three rings that the child must try to put on its tentacles. The colors and shapes stimulate your little one and help develop hand-eye coordination. It has no holes, so water does not get inside the toy.

Munchkin’s Stacking Cup Caterpillar

This caterpillar is made up of 7 colorful cups that snap together, stack, strain and pour water . Each one has a number from 1 to 7 that helps baby learn numbers, and the cups fit together and help improve hand-eye coordination and teach them about size differences.

Lego Duplo Bath Fun

This floating bath toy for babies and toddlers aged 1.5 years and up includes an island that doubles as a storage box. The floating island is divided into 2 separate floating sections, and the lower part also allows for play outside of the bathtub, and includes 4 duplo animal figures: a fish, an octopus, a lion and a flamingo.

Kids can assemble the easy-to-build animals and have fun building their skills on or around the island paradise. Like all lego , they can be disassembled and do not accumulate water inside.

Letters and Numbers Munchkin Bath Toys

Little ones love learning and bathing, so why not combine the two? This set of 2 floating 6 letters and 10 numbers comes in six bright colors, sticks to bathroom walls when wet and provides a great learning opportunity during bath time.

Through it, children can recognize the alphabet , learn to count , write simple words, or even group by color. The foam is soft, durable and non-toxic and does not absorb water.

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