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101 spring-inspired girl and boy names for your baby

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101 spring-inspired girl and boy names for your baby

The time in which our baby is born not only helps us to live a unique experience in motherhood, but it can also serve as inspiration for the moment of choosing his name .

We share 101 names for boys and girls inspired by the spring season , as well as some information about babies born in this colorful and happy season.

spring babies

Spring-born babies are those born between the vernal equinox , which occurs between March 20 and 21, and the summer solstice , between June 20 and 21 in the northern hemisphere, while in the hemisphere south occurs between September 22 and 23, and December 21 and 22.

Spring is a time of year that we associate with many positive elements: flowers bloom, trees turn green and the world fills with beautiful colors and aromas. For this reason, many people relate the spring season with joy, happiness, rebirth and especially, nature.

During this period, we also have some important dates in the northern hemisphere that can serve as inspiration , such as the International Day of Forests (March 21), Easter Day, Mother Earth Day (April 22), Mother’s Day in many countries, World Light Day (May 16) and World Environment Day (June 5).

Regarding babies, some studies have analyzed how the time in which they are born influences them, giving us some curious facts about them. For example, research found that spring-born babies tend to be more optimistic and radiate energy .

On the other hand, a study in the journal Sleep found that people with spring and summer birthdays generally go to bed later than those born in the fall and winter. They tend to be “night owls.”

Health-wise, we have a study of 300,000 young adults , which found that those with early spring birthdays are less prone to nearsightedness, compared to those born in the summer months.

Finally, exposure to daylight during the increasingly long days of spring has positive effects on mothers, resulting in taller babies being born from late March to late June.

Spring inspired girl names

  • Abigail: derives from the Hebrew and means “source of joy”.
  • April: of Latin origin comes from aprilis , name of the month of April.
  • Adhara: comes from Arabic and means “orange blossom”.
  • Ailana: of Finnish origin, means “bearer of light”.
  • Akina: means “spring flower”.
  • Joy: name of Christian origin, its meaning is “that which radiates joy or happiness”.
  • Alisa: of Hebrew origin, it means “great happiness”.
  • Poppy : female name of Arabic origin that refers to the very red wild flower of the same name.
  • Anahí. It is a Guarani name, which means “the flower of the ceibo”, a characteristic flower of Argentina. The legend circulates in which Anahí turns into a plant when fleeing from the Spanish conquerors.
  • Antia: of Greek origin , it means “flowery”.
  • Arizona: name of American origin meaning “little spring”.
  • Azahara: Arabic name meaning “luminous, beautiful person like a flower.”
  • Azucena : name of Arabic origin, its meaning is “lily”.
  • Beatriz : name of Latin origin, means “the one who makes happy”.
  • Begoña or Begonia : name of an American flower, named after the botanist Plumier in honor of Bègon, who introduced the plant from America.
  • Briseida: derived from the Greek ” briseis ” which means “soft wind”.
  • Chloe: of Greek origin, it means “sprout, green herbs”.
  • Daphne: means “laurel”. In Greek mythology, Daphne was a tree nymph.
  • Damara: is the name of an ancient goddess of fertility related to the month of May.
  • Emerald: stone corresponding to the month of May. Name of Latin origin that comes from Smeragda , which in turn means “the one who has hope” and “the one who radiates purity”.
  • Florence: Derived from florens , meaning “prosperous, flourishing.”
  • Gaia/Gaya: Earth goddess who is also known as “Mother Earth”.
  • Greta: derives from Margarita, the flower of April.
  • Hanae: of Japanese origin , it means “to flourish”.
  • Haruko: of Japanese origin, it means “born in spring”.
  • Kiki: Japanese name, means “double happiness”.
  • Jasmine: of Arabic origin, its meaning is “beautiful like the flower that bears its name”
  • Laura : means “laurel”.
  • Leilani: Of Hawaiian origin, it means “heavenly flower.”
  • Leticia/Letizia: of Latin origin, it means “happiness, joy”.
  • Lilia: of Latin origin, means “lily”.
  • Loredi: means “garden, place of flowers”.
  • Lorenza : name of Latin origin meaning “crowned with laurels”.
  • Lucía: of Latin origin, it means “the one who was born in the light of day”.
  • Luz: means “the one that brings the light”.
  • Daisy: flower corresponding to the month of April.
  • Magnolia : name related to the flower with the same name, which was named after the French botanist Pierre Magnol.
  • Mirta : its meaning is “myrtle”, which is the name of a tree linked to love and beauty according to Greek mythology, for which it was consecrated to the goddess of love, Aphrodite.
  • Nara: Japanese name, means “happy”.
  • Nymph: bride, newlywed. Divinity of Greek mythology who lived in the forests.
  • Renée: French feminine form of René, meaning “born again, risen.”
  • Rita: Short form of Margarita, meaning “pearl.”
  • Saori: of Japanese origin, it means “to flourish”.
  • Selene: In Greek mythology , Selene was an ancient goddess of the Moon, daughter of the Titans Hyperion and Thea. Ella means “The woman of light” or “The one with the flash”.
  • Sita: of Hindu origin, it means “goddess of the Earth”.
  • Susana: of Hebrew origin, it means “white flower, lily, lily”.
  • Talía: name of Greek origin that means “the one that flourishes”.
  • Tiaré: name of Hindu origin that means “flower”.
  • Verna: of Latin origin, it means “born in spring”.

Spring inspired boy names

  • Aaron: of Hebrew origin, means “enlightened, mountain man.”
  • Abner: of Hebrew origin, it means “my father is light”.
  • Aike: of English origin, means “oak or made of oak”.
  • Anand: comes from the Sanskrit Ananda, which means “happiness”.
  • Apollo: Greek god of light.
  • Arán: Basque word meaning “valley”.
  • Asher: of Hebrew origin means “happy man”.
  • Aster : is the name of the delicate flower that means “star”.
  • Belmont: From Old French meaning “beautiful mount.”
  • Bentley: of English origin, variant of Bently, meaning “grass meadow.”
  • Bosco : means “forest”.
  • Cai : Catalan name meaning “cheerful.”
  • Carmel – comes from the Hebrew Karmel , meaning ‘”garden” or “vineyard”.
  • Ceder: from the Greek kedros , meaning “cedar”.
  • Demetrius : name of Greek origin meaning “lover of the earth”.
  • Ephraim: of Hebrew origin, means “fruitful, fertile”.
  • Elan: of Hebrew origin, means “tree”.
  • Esteban: means “crowned with laurels”.
  • Florencio: masculine variant of Florence. It means “flowery”.
  • Forest: meaning “bosque”.
  • Guido : Italian nombre de origen, means “wooded valley”.
  • Hilario : of Latin origin, it means “who laughs”, “cheerful”.
  • Holden : of English origin, meaning “deep valley”.
  • Huilen : name of Mapuche origin, means “spring”.
  • Ibai: of Basque origin , it means “river”.
  • Ilan: of Hebrew origin, it translates as “vigorous tree”.
  • Iri: of Hebrew origin, means “light, fire”.
  • Hyacinth : name of Greek origin that refers to the precious flower.
  • Julián : name of Latin origin meaning “man of strong roots.”
  • Lars : Viking name derived from Lorenzo.
  • Lauro : name of Latin origin meaning “laurel”.
  • Lorenzo : means “crowned with laurels”.
  • Lucio: name of Latin origin meaning “light, clarity.”
  • Luciano : Italian name, means “bearer of light.”
  • May: Italian de origen, means “mayo”.
  • Melchior: of Hebrew origin, it means ‘the king of light’.
  • Melker: Swedish form of Melchior, meaning “the king of light.”
  • Meyer: of Hebrew origin, means “bearer of light”.
  • Narcissus : the narcissus flower is named after the story of a very handsome young Greek named Narcissus, who, due to his vanity, is punished by the Gods.
  • Nazario : of Hebrew origin, means “bloom, bud”.
  • Onni: of Finnish origin, it means “happiness, luck”.
  • Pascal: French variant of Pascual, meaning “relating to Easter.”
  • Pascual: means “the one who was born on Easter”.
  • Quintilio: of Latin origin, means “he who was born in the fifth month”.
  • Renato: of Latin origin, means “reborn”.
  • Said – Name of Arabic origin that translates to “happy, lucky.”
  • Silvanus : Latin Silvanus, “of the woods.”
  • Silvestre : name of Latin origin that could be interpreted as “the guardian of the forests”.
  • Tate: of English origin, means “joyful”.
  • Vernay: of English origin, it means “one who is born in spring”.
  • Vernon – English variant of the name Vernay.
  • Yukio: of Japanese origin, it means “happiness, good fortune”.

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